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Young Warriors Krav Maga is the premier kid’s program for Self-Defense, Fitness, and Life Skills for kids ages 7 to 12. Our youth program gives your child opportunities to excel in physical fitness, safety, and self-improvement.  We emphasize discipline, focus, and goal-setting. Every class includes a “mat chat” to discuss life skills as well as self-defense and fitness skills. 

We teach proven and effective real-world applications that give kids the skills and information to protect themselves in all sorts of situations. 
We teach controlled and preventative self-defense. We encourage peaceful outcomes whenever possible, however if confrontation and violence is unavoidable, we teach proven and modern self-defense skills to defend themselves.


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Your children will learn real fitness and have fun doing it! Young Warriors Krav Maga will challenge, entertain, and educate your children! Young Warriors Krav Maga — helping to build the future!

Benefits Of Young Warriors Self Defense:
•    Greater overall health and fitness
•    Build confidence, self-respect and positive self-image 
•    Goal Setting Skills and Perseverance
•    Improved Hand-Eye Coordination and Motor Skills
•    Increased Focus and attention
•    Self discipline and self control
•    Life skills and values
•    Peace and respect for others
•    Learn effective Bullying Prevention
•    Stranger Danger/Abduction Prevention


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