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Our mission at Fight Back Fit is to empower our community for any attack situation. Women that might otherwise feel intimidated: mothers, young girls (grade school through college), even women of advanced age absolutely love our Women's Only program because they are a collective group with a common crisis against them: violence against women.

We understand that irradiation of the problem is a long-term cultural challenge, but what's most important is that we take responsibility for our own lives and become more aware & prepared to protect ourselves and the ones we love. 

Our Women's Monthly Self-Defense Workshops are offered the 1st Saturday of the month, and teach women how to defend against common attacks and threats that are most relevant for women.  Our program focuses on the mindset and physical abilities of women, and we emphasize realistic defenses and training scenarios (in parking lots, ATMS, while running, etc). Classes are taught by Jeanna Cournoyer, Houston's only female Black Belt Krav Maga Instructor, and assisted by male instructors. 

To sign up for a monthly class, click here for more details on the upcoming dates.

If you are interested in doing a private class for your women's group or organization, please contact us at or 832-377-0199 for more details.

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