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Try it first! The best way to learn about us is to take a FREE CLASS. Just call us at 832-377-0199 or request information by Contacting Us here. Our Membership prices range from $69 to $280 depending on the program and your commitment level. 

We offer the highest caliber training available with a fantastic community. Our Krav Maga program is run by some of the most highly trained instructors in Texas and will get you in great shape while you learn authentic Israeli self defense. Our StrikeFit® program teaches you real striking in a class that includes intense cardio and bodyweight exercises.

You can sign up for a FREE CLASS, purchase a Trial Membership, or select a Full Membership. Below you’ll find our most popular Membership options.  Additional options and special offers are available when you come in for a FREE CLASS, and we have discounts for military, first responders, and students. 

Personal Training

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For those looking to accelerate their training, we offer private lessons. Personal training allows the instructor to customize the course curriculum according to their own capabilities and current skill level. 

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We offer private group classes on an appointment basis. The classes can be customized to your preference: Self Defense, physical training, instruction and more!

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