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Young Warriors Krav Maga Classes - now enrolling

Fight Back Fit- Self Defense & Fitness is excited to launch the Young Warriors Kids Self Defense Program, and is now enrolling for classes! If you are looking for an outstanding program that will not only get your child in shape, but help in shaping their future, this program is for you.

The Young Warriors Program is designed to build kids from the "inside out" by developing children's confidence, self-discipline, self-esteem, and "can-do" attitude. While we develop children's physical skills, we also stress the development of common sense, self-control, and a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to build children with strong minds, bodies, and characters, and prepare them for any dangers they may face.

FOR A LIMITED TIME, we are offering a FREE private Introductory Class to new students. Contact us at 832-377-0199 or to schedule your child's Intro Class today!

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