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Defensive Handgun Fundamentals Class


8:00am - 12:00pm

This class is an introduction for new shooters who have never handled a firearm before or for those with experience, but have not taken a formal handgun class or would like to refresh on the basic fundamentals.

This class is designed for those who want to learn to safely and confidently use a handgun for self-defense. If you do not own a handgun, we can supply all equipment, including a gun rental.

TOPICS COVERED: Firearms Safety at home and at the range

Proper loading and unloading of firearm

Grip Stance Reloads Presenting the handgun from a holster Multiple Targets Malfunction Drills

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Pistol at least 9mm in caliber 2 or more Magazines Paddle or Belt Holster Magazine Pouch/holder A sturdy belt Eye and Ear protection Baseball Cap / Hat Hiking boots or athletic shoes (No open-toed shoes)

100 rounds of ammunition ** Please email for equipment rentals & questions!


$125 (includes $25 range fee)

$ 99 for Fight Back Fit members & prior firearms class participants

**Handgun rentals (includes all equipment/ammo) - $50 (on a first-come, first-serve basis)

REGISTER online:


LIMITED SPACE - 10 SPOTS AVAILABLE! *Payment is required to reserve your spot

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