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Women's Monthly Self Defense Class - October 6

Women's Krav Maga Self-Defense 2-Hour Workshops:

11:30AM - 1:30PM

Saturday, October 6 The Self-Defense Workshops teach women how to defend against common attacks and threats that are most relevant for women. Our program focuses on the mindset and physical abilities of women, and we emphasize realistic defenses and training scenarios (in parking lots, ATMS, while running, etc). Classes are taught by Jeanna Cournoyer, Houston's only female Black Belt Krav Maga Instructor, and assisted by male instructors.

**Each workshop will cover different topics, so if you attend multiple workshops, you will see new material at each one. (We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to attend multiple workshops! The more training you receive, the better you will be able to react and respond in a confrontation.)

2018 Workshop Dates and Class Topics:

- Nov 3 - Holiday Safety

- Dec 1 - Fighting Back in Close Quarters

Women are taught how to safely and effectively throw punches, elbows, knees, and kicks. We also teach our students how to defend against common chokes, grabs, holds, bearhugs, and other attacks, as well as how to fight and defend from the ground and when confronted with a weapon. Our mission is to help our students build confidence, awareness, strength and fitness. Click here to sign up now


- $39 per class - $29 - College Student Rate - (must provide valid I.D.)

*Fees are nonrefundable.


* Open to all females ages 12 and up. No experience required to attend.

WHAT TO WEAR: Long workout pants, t-shirt, sports bra, athletic shoes, and no jewelry.

Click here to sign up now

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